Designer Picks: Nicole Bridger’s Eco-Friendly Summer Faves

Eco-conscious designer Nicole Bridger has found a way to bridge the gap between style and being earth friendly though her chic fashion. With Eco-Fashion Week happening in Vancouver right now, this is the time to start thinking about how your fashion choices affect our earth. We asked Canadian designer Nicole Bridger for her eco-friendly summer fashion picks.

Real Style Network: What are your three summer essential must-haves for women this summer and why?

Nicole Bridger: Jersey Maxi Dress – Maxi dresses are great because they are so easy to throw on with flip flops, and still make you feel like a sexy woman.

A Nicole Bridger, long fair trade cotton cardigan – The long cardi is person to put over your shoulders on those cool summer evenings.

A Nicole Bridger silk top – The Admire Top is made in a silk crepe, easy to dress up or to throw on a pair on casual pants for a more relaxed look.

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Real Style Network: What are your favourite summer fashion trends?

Nicole Bridger: I don’t really follow any particular trends, per say. Right now, I’m really into combining textures. I feel it’s more important to dress for your body type and your personality, not for what is deemed to be ‘trendy’. Dress for yourself. Wear was makes you feel good. Some women just follow the trends and they look trashy, not trendy. Colours and prints will be hot this summer; don’t be afraid to wear something bold.

Real Style Network: What is your favourite summer accessory?

Nicole Bridger: Our GOTS (global organic textile standard) silk scarf with Ben Tour print. It is a great sentimental piece for summer and the print makes it a very modern looking piece.

Real Style Network: How do you define great style?

Nicole Bridger: When a woman really connects to what she likes and stays true to herself by wearing clothing that is appropriate for her age. Great style is something that brings the best out in the woman. When you see more of the woman and not just the outfit, that’s beautiful. When an outfit helps a woman be better in her everyday life.

Real Style Network: What is the biggest style mistake woman make in the summer?

Nicole Bridger: Wearing leggings as pants and not wearing an undergarment. Undergarments are important all year round. I feel it’s important to invest in a good undergarment, because it is something you can wear with all your favorite pieces. Don’t be lazy and wear flip flops and shorts, the summer time is a great opportunity to wear a cute dress and still show off your legs. Probably not a good idea to wear polyester.

Shop Nicole Bridger online or at her flagship store in Vancouver.

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