Designer Picks: Emerging Designer Dalia MacPhee On Her Spring/Summer Favourites

Canadian designer Dalia MacPhee is emerging as one of the go-to designers for Hollywood stars to find one of a kind gowns for any type of event. Stars of Vampire Diaries, Big Bang Theory, Glee and Dancing With The Stars have been spotted walking the red carpet, skipping across a dance floor and singing a ballad in Dalia MacPhee gowns and cocktail dresses. Real Style turned to this budding designer for her take on spring fashion. See Dalia MacPhee’s designer picks for the season.

Real Style: What are your three spring essential must-haves for women this spring and why?
Dalia MacPhee: Bermuda shorts, power suit, and a long gown. All three are in fashion this Spring which means you will find some gorgeous draperies and silhouettes, but also they will remain go to styles after the trend passes.

RS: What are your favourite trends this season?
DM: Spring is my favourite time of year. It’s about new beginnings. In the apparel world this translates in to newness; rebirth of style, fresh ensembles, and garments that have a certain “joie de vivre.” This upcoming season is definitely trending and moods that I’m really loving are feminine influence ( ruffles, lace, and slits, oh my! ), the veiled look (sheer fabric over the body) and bold colour (contrasting and brights).

RS: What are your favourite spring accessories?
DM: Hot sunglasses, sexy stems, and edgy jewels.

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RS: What is the biggest style mistake women make in the spring?
DM: Spring always gives birth to new trends. The biggest style mistake women make in the spring is getting so romanced by a new fad that they end up purchasing a garment that is unflattering to their specific body type. A common example of this would be a print that is just too big for the frame and uncomplimentary. Fashion is meant to accentuate beauty. If it doesn’t do that, it doesn’t belong on the body, no matter how big the trend.

RS: How do you define your spring collection?
DM: The signature of my line is Old Hollywood Glam with a modern twist. Each season however the collection evolves, and this Spring, it’s a little more sexy, a little more bold and a lot more heart.

RS: If women could only buy one piece from your collection this spring, what would it be and why?
DM: As one of my celebrity clients once put it “Your line is like a bag of potato chips. You can never have just one.” If I had to recommend just one though, I would say the short one shoulder dress made from french lace layered over satin and is accentuated with a big beautiful bell sleeve (See image above). It comes in multiple colours. It’s delicate, it’s sexy, and it looks amazing on all body types.

Dalia MacPhee’s designs are available in boutiques across North America. You can find a store near you at

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