Designer Picks: Jean-Pierre Braganza Shares His Spring/Summer 2013 Favourites

Hot on the heels of his Fall/Winter 2013 collection presentation last night in Toronto at The Shows, we look back at Jean-Pierre Braganza’s favourites from his Spring/Summer 2013 line.

London-born, Canadian-bred (he moved to Canada as an infant) and internationally known for his strong style—that’s Jean-Pierre Braganza. Braganza’s designs are known for their sharp angles and succinct tailoring, but we see a lighter side of the designer emerge beautifully for spring as he merges art with fashion. He reveals to us how his new collection takes inspiration from the prints of Kiev-based artist Zinaida Lihacheva. The result? A collection that blends fantasy and (of course) strength. The perfect cocktail for a brand new spring.


Real Style: What are your 3 must-have pieces from your S/S collection?

Jean-Pierre Braganza: The white tuxedo. With all of its hidden details, it’s a refreshing take on evening wear. I love fitted tailoring on women, as it can be so seductive to see a woman embracing formality in a masculine way.  Look 26 is my favourite — dress, waistcoat, skirt, all in one, with beautiful painting by Zinaida Lihacheva.  Also, the skirt in look 27 is casual but striking in the same print. It’s soft origami.

RS: How did the collaboration between you and Zinaida Lihacheva begin? How did her prints inspire you?

JPB: We met after she attended my show at London Fashion Week in February 2011 and  discovered a common passion for visceral dark symbolism and beautiful clothes. I created prints based on Lihacheva’s paintings – organic swashes of deep colour that act as a perfect contrast to my geometry obsessed tailoring.

RS: What is your earliest fashion moment that you remember?

JPB: I have always been interested in fashion. It’s impossible to say.


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RS: What is the one thing you credit your success to?

JPB: Determination.

RS: What do you consider your biggest success?

JPB: My daughter.

RS: How do you define great style?

JPB: Unconventional assembly.

RS: Who would you love to dress, and how would you dress them?

JPB: I love the way Zinaida (Lihacheva) wears my clothes. I wish all powerful, talented beautiful women would dress in Braganza. In their own way, of course.

RS: What are your top 3 must have accessories for spring?

JPB: The soft leather biker waistcoat has become a staple for me (see look 23).  Also, a printed silk scarf. I make myself a new one every spring. Third, an umbrella.

RS: What are your plans for 2013?

JPB: A unique retail space inLondon.

RS: What is your best style tip?

JPB: Rock it.

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