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Copy Mila Kunis’ Fashion From Oz

This weekend Mila Kunis will be transformed into Theodora from Oz, better known as the Wicked Witch of the West. While her costars wear big ballgowns to transform themselves in witches, Mila Kunis gets a fashionable look featuring a rich red coat and matching hat.

Copy Mila Kunis’ Oz fashion with a red wool coat of your own. This Calvin Klein Belted Wrap Coat will be the perfect way to welcome the warmer spring weather. Pair with it a big floppy wool hat in a similar red hue for the full effect of Mila Kunis’ Oz attire.

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Get Mila’s full look by wearing a sexy leather skirt and a blouse with an exaggerated ruffle collar underneath your striking red coat. This means you will be just as fashion forward inside as out.

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[Photos via Disney]

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