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Copy Michelle Williams Stunning Feather Dress

Michelle Williams amazing us with her Burberry Prorsum feather dress last night at the Oz premiere. It takes a lot of confidence and style to rock a dress embellished with head-to-toe peacock feathers. Michelle Williams’ daring fashion choice has inspired us to find a dazzling feather dress to make a statement this March.

Finding a feather dress that really dazzles is key, even if you aren’t brave enough to wear all over feathers. Asos’ feather and lace dress has the same rich beautiful blue and green tones and a very regal feel. While it’s not exactly the same as Michelle Williams’ strapless stunner, you are going to make an equally impressive fashion statement.

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Accessorize wisely to not turn this fashion do into a fashion don’t. Ankle strap sandals, a shiny black clutch and a small cocktail ring are all beautiful pieces that will compliment your Michelle Williams inspired feather dress without competing.

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[Photo via Startraks]

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