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Fall 2013 Milan Fashion Week Continues With Etro, Blumarine & Versace

If you are following us on Twitter @realstylenet, then you know that our editors are in Milan covering as much of Milan Fashion Week as their feet will take them to. While they hit the streets of Milan for their favourite fall styles, here is a look at some of the fashion shows:


The neutral palette at the Blumarine fashion show brought sports and office wear to a new luxe level. The beautiful knits were the biggest story at Blumarine. Oversized chunky knits with cowl necks and fluffy textures made us dream of sitting in a ski chalet in the Alps. The pale neutrals and baby blues made it feel even softer. The office wear took a more serious approach with suits and capes in black and white prints. Then Blumarine mixed the ideas with lovely pastel shades, fluffy furs, and floral cocktail prints. See the Blumarine show here:

[youtube rd7vQA8Yhr0]

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Prints were the name of the game at Etro with cool graphics taking over the pieces. Stripes, paisley, geometric, watercolor, plaid and everything in between graced the fashion show. Etro mixed and matched prints on their sleek fashion in every different variety. The prints gave the body hugging dresses movement and shape. Printed dresses and blouse peaked out under black jackets or black dresses ground bold printed coats. It was a feat for the eyes. See the Etro fashion show here:

[youtube aAlaIr5xo4c]


As you can expect from Donatella, Versace has offered us a sexy fall approach. High shine black leather, bondage tops, super studded boots, sexy cutouts and lots of skin made these models the hottest things we’ve seen in Milan. Chunky metal necklaces, bracelets and big pins added to the very bad girl feel of the Versace fashion show. When you mixed the plaid with the leather you had a punk take on Versace’s always hot skin-tight dresses, pants and blazers. These models were so bad it was good. Even the evening wear was tough with cutouts being pinned together and dresses looking torn away. We can’t wait to see which celebs dare to wear this on the red carpet. See the pictures of the Versace collection here.

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