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Kid’s Gift Guide For The Mini Fashionista On Your List

In 9 months or so, when Kate Middleton has her baby we are sure the little royal is going to cause a fashion craze. Little girls are as into fashion these days as us full-growns, and not without the resources. Are we the only ones who grew up in a time when being a fashionable kid was having snow pants that even sort of matched your ski jacket? (We always opted for the black pants- chic, understated, and complement pepto pink, neon green AND grape.)

High-fashion designer kids clothes are now readily available- but if you’re not a parent (or a kid) yourself, it may be hard to decipher the mini must-haves from the just plain impractical. We admit, we’ve had way too much fun picking the pieces that will appear in kids’ sugar plum dreams this holiday season, so indulge the young trendy one in a little (as in, wee) fashion fantasy with one of these absolutely adorable gifts.

1. Little Marc Jacobs dress. We wish it was possible to look this little-lady-like in soft cotton jersey everyday. Perhaps we should start considering silkscreening our buttons on, too. Dress, $100.

2. Roxy Red Skinny Jeans. We’ve recently become privy to a life-changing thing called little kids in red skinnies. The existence of skinny red pants for mini-hipster little boys and girls causes us great, great joy all year round. Jeans, $46.

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3. Stella McCartney Tutu. There is nothing about this tutu that says adult, and we love that Stella doesn’t try to take mature pieces in smaller sizes and call it kids clothes. This is pure, drama-princess fabulous. Can we go back in time? Tutu, $74.

4. Zadig & Voltaire rock tee. You guessed it — this is to wear with the above tutu, for a vibe that’s all, “I’ve got my tough rocker tee but I’m not afraid to sleep with a stuffy.” Tee, $71.

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5. Burberry Trench. Ah, the wee piece de resistance. Want to be the most popular gift giver this year? We know you do — approval from someone under 4 feet tall is truly like no other kind. And. Look. At. This. Coat. Trench, $350.

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