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Alice Cullen’s Best Fashion Moments

Alice Cullen (played by Ashley Greene) has a reputation for being a bit of an immortal fashionista. With her signature hairstyle, petite facial features, and vivacious personality, she’s responsible for turning Bella Swan into a trendsetter for both her senior prom in the first movie and her wedding to Edward in the first half of Breaking Dawn.

Real Style takes a closer look at the vampy vixen’s vintage-inspired style in the first four releases. Whether it’s a playful shrug, a jewel-toned party dress, or a knit cardigan with bright accessories, Alice has never failed to impress and sets a style precedent for the rest of the Cullens. We’re looking forward to seeing Alice’s style in the upcoming Breaking Dawn: Part 2 set for release on the 14th!


In the 2008 movie, Alice Cullen made her on-screen debut with spiked dark hair, statement jewelry, and flowing blouses. Her makeup, despite the thick white foundation worn by all members of the supernatural clan, was otherwise understated and elegant. Alice’s chic white pirate-style top with black vest and dangling earrings created a bold, artsy look which suited her persona perfectly.

New Moon

A year later, Alice returned to the big screen determined to beat her own style record with a mix of classic looks and chic sophistication. Ready to rescue Bella from impending doom, Alice wears Jackie O-inspired dark sunglasses, timeless red lipstick, and a warm-toned scarf in this still shot from the movie. Not every vampire can say they look this glamorous while on a high-profile rescue mission!


In the third movie in the franchise, Alice turned heads in this printed dress by Marc Jacobs. With its quaint, colourful floral pattern, ruffled sleeves, and above-knee length, her dress in this scene was both trendy and simple.

Breaking Dawn Part 1

As Ashley Greene matures and grows as a successful young actress, the change and depth is obvious in her character as well (although one of the upshots of being a vampire is never ever aging!). Still, her style has developed from sweet to seductive and darkly chic. With her new hairstyle, layered necklaces, smoky eye makeup, and black long-sleeved outfit, Alice strikes a pose in this promotional pic for last year’s Twilight movie.

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Photos Courtesy of: Summit Entertainment

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