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Interview:Kelly Rowland On Fall Essentials

We have loved Kelly Rowland since her Destiny’s Child days. Now a well respected artist in her own right, Kelly is also a fashionista and has even designed her own line of watches. We caught up with the songstress to get the lowdown on her favourite fall fashion trends, how she wears her new watches and her beauty secrets.

What are your 5 fall fashion essentials this year?
1) Cool pants
2) A sleek coat
3) A black or white tailored suit
4) A red lip
5) An oversized watch

Who is your style icon?
Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, even though she’s fictional.

What watch do you wear every day and why do you love it?
Now that I’ve created my own line with TW Steel, I go back and forth between the blue and pink versions of my watches.

How do you manage to make a watch look great with your formal wear?
A great aspect of my watches is that you can wear them any time, when you’re dressed up or dressed down. They’re eye-catching statement pieces that go well with any outfit.

Do you have a secret beauty tip?
Redness relief eye drops will calm down a pimple immediately.

What’s your signature fragrance?
Carol’s Daughter’s Almond Souffle lotion always makes me smell good.

Photos Courtesy of: TW Steel

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