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Best-Dressed Celebs On TV

While we love television for the drama and the entertainment, a series is always that much more endearing when its leading ladies are styled to perfection. From Blake Lively to Rachel Bilson, there are certain A-list celebs we look forward to seeing on TV thanks to their shows’ talented stylists. Here is our take on the top 5 best-dressed celebs on TV and how you can emulate their fabulous fashion. Whose style do you covet the most?

1. Blake Lively on Gossip Girl
Set in upscale Manhattan, it seems only fitting that the stars of this series would be decked out in designer frocks and luxe accessories. While Leighton Meester’s character, Blair, is definitely the quintessential Upper East Side stereotype, we give Lively’s character Serena high praise for her fearless fashion choices. Gossip Girl’s stylist Eric Daman describes Serena’s style as being “nonchalant”, for her ability to look like she threw on her outfit at the last minute while still looking effortlessly chic. While Serena’s elaborate and pricey attire may be a little unrealistic for most, getting her wardrobe essentials at more affordable prices will have you looking like Serena herself in no time. To achieve that boho vibe that Serena is famous for, she turns to staple wardrobe pieces like well-tailored coats, embellished mini dresses, slouchy boots and layered necklaces.

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2. Rachel Bilson on Hart of Dixie

As a young doctor who has just relocated from New York City to rural Bluebell, Alabama, Bilson’s character Zoe Hart makes for one fashionable medic! In a sea of true Southern Belles, Zoe stands out in her always modern and trendy outfit choices. It is clear that she regularly collaborates with the wardrobe department, as her outfits always seem to reflect the trendsetting celeb’s real life style. Dressy shorts, sheer blouses, and killer heels are regular outfit choices for Zoe, as she loves to play up her petite figure.

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3. Emily VanCamp on Revenge

Revenge focuses on Emily Thorne’s plot to avenge her father’s wrongful death, by ruining the lives of the wealthy Hamptons neighbours who once destroyed hers. Looking to get close to her enemies in order to destroy them, Emily successfully adapts to her environment by donning sophisticated cocktail attire and sky-high pumps. We especially love the sexy Jason Wu red dress that she wears in the very first episode of the series! While her wardrobe consists of mainly high-end designer labels, it is easy to recreate her looks with affordable dresses in classic silhouettes paired with basic pumps.

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4. Ashley Benson on Pretty Little Liars

While the fashion seen on Pretty Little Liars tends to be more mainstream and casual, Benson’s character, Hanna Marin, proves to be the trendsetter of the clique. Her style relates to a more girly persona as she mainly wears frilly dresses with feminine touches. To copy Hanna’s style on the show opt for tops with flirty ruffles or dresses in floral patterns. Finish the look with metallic accessories like a statement necklace, a cocktail ring, or hoop earrings.

5. AnnaLynne McCord on 90210

Wardrobe stylist Kime Buzelli has worked hard to provide each leading lady with a distinctive personal style. While all of the women on 90210 have desirable wardrobes, we personally love Naomi Clarke’s subtly sexy style, which is reflective of her privileged upbringing. Naomi’s sultry yet minimalistic outfit choices perfectly complement her glamorous California lifestyle. To copy her signature look, mix and match body-con dresses with polished blazers or try a pencil skirt with a body hugging tank top.

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