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5 Trendy Sun Hats That Flatter Your Face

Shade your face from the rays and your eyes from the bright sun in style, while also protecting and covering your hair — with what else? A trendy hat. This season, there are more hats to choose from than ever, so one is sure to flatter your face shape and suit your summer style. Heads up for these five summer hat trends.

1. Floppy Wide Brim Hats will always scream chic, riviera goddess.

2. Adorable Turbans in floral prints are the sweetest way to avoid burning the top of your head and cover unwashed summertime locks.

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3. Sun Visors tore up the runways for this fashion season, and now they are ready to make it to mainstream with their practical and posh sporty appeal.

4. Baseball Caps are without a doubt the hat trend making the biggest comeback in fashion. Pair with aviators and just your favourite bikini for a cute coverup.

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5. Panama Hats are more modern and stylish than fedoras but have the same subtle mystery and jet-setter je ne sais quoi.

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