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How to Shop for Swimwear and Find the Perfect Swimsuit

Swimsuit shopping may just be the most hated type of shopping for even the most hardcore shoppers. The lighting is usually bad, you’re usually feeling puffy before you even get in the change room and somehow every suit you love on the racks doesn’t look good when you put it on. If this sounds familiar to you, don’t worry because we have some tips to help you find the perfect bathing suit.

1. Check your closet. Before you hit the shops, take a peek into your closet and see what clothing you tend to gravitate towards. Whether it’s v-neck tops, all solids or halter styles, use this information as a cue to not only what you like, but what looks good on you.

2. Don’t rush. Plan to allot a lot of time to try on suits, so you don’t feel rushed in the change room. Plus it will give you plenty of time to try on as many suits as you need to find the perfect one.

3. Shop on an empty stomach. Ok, so we don’t want you to pass out, but don’t eat a big meal before hitting the change rooms. Not only will you not feel as great, you may be a bit bloated too.

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4. Dress appropriately. It’s best to wear a nude thong or small underwear while you try on swimwear, so your underwear doesn’t bulge out or poke through, especially when trying on skimpier styles. This way you’ll have a better idea what the suit will look like on. Also, wear clothes that are easy to slip on and off, so you’re not spending an hour getting dressed and re-dressed.

5. Don’t look at sizes. Swimsuit sizes are often not the same as clothing sizes, so if you’re normally an 8, don’t worry if you end up with a 10 or 12. It’s the end fit that really matters!

6. Test it. You’re in a change room for a reason. This is the perfect time to make sure you’re not spilling out the front, the bottoms are riding up or your straps are falling off. Walk around, sit, lift your arms and move. It should feel comfortable and fit properly.

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If you want to:

Make your hips look smaller….a high-cut bottom will make your bottom half look smaller and help create the illusion of longer legs

Make your bust look bigger…forget the bandeau, which will instantly make you look smaller. Instead try something with a little lift or give the illusion of it, with ruffles or a print.

Make your tummy look slimmer…try a low-cut top, which will help draw attention away from your middle half. Also avoid the tankini, which cuts you off at the wrong place.

And above all…choose a suit you love because having confidence is the best accessory.

[Photo courtesy Shopbop]

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