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8 On-Sale Summer Items to Buy Now

Even though we’re technically at the beginning of summer, stores are already looking to push out tons of their summer stock to make room for late-summer clothes and (gasp!) new fall collections. Luckily for us, this means a four-letter word every shopper loves to hear: SALE! Even if you’re totally stocked up for this season, now is the perfect time to purchase items you not only know you’re going to for sure wear next summer, but that will still be on trend — oh and at a fraction of the price. Read on to find out what on-sale summer items you should consider buying now.

1. Jean Shorts. There’s a reason jeans are a staple year-round — they go with everything. Come summer, jean shorts can be your uniform, paired with a basic tee in the day to a pretty tank for going out. Getting a couple pairs of jean shorts on sale will definitely come in handy next summer.

2. Maxi Dress. The maxi dress has been hugely popular this summer and for good reason. It’s easy to wear, is super comfortable and is airy. We don’t see this bohemian look disappearing anytime soon, so we suggest you stock up on some dressy and casual versions of the look if you can.

3. Flat Sandals. Every year sandals are one of the summer items that need to be replaced. A t-strap style or neon hues will still work next year, so look out for those when hunting around.

4. Striped Tees. Stripes are practically the new neutral. Popping up again and again, it’s a classic print that definitely won’t be out of style next summer. Stick to thinner stripes in shades like red, blue and black.

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5. Retro Sunglasses. Sunglasses have certainly made a statement this summer with ombre shades a la Dianna Agron, to more dramatic styles seen on the runway. Try to look for shades with brightly coloured rims or for a safer bet, oversized tortoise shell sunglasses are always in style.

6. White Anything. We’re talking pants, shorts, dresses, blouses — anything in all-white will work next summer thanks to it being the perfect summer shade. Try the Joie Balsa Tank we spotted from

7. Straw Hats. Besides being fashionable, hats are perfect for protecting you against the sun’s harmful rays. A classic summer accessory, look for everything from floppy to fedoras.

8. Print Bathing Suit. You’ll never be boring on the beach or poolside in you’re wearing a colourful suit. Love the look and it fits you perfectly? That is always in style.

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