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Zara Wins Lawsuit Against Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin’s shoes are known for their trademark red sole, but the designer has been having a long hard battle to keep the signature colour his own. Zara defeated the designer in a lawsuit over whether they were allowed to use red soles on their pumps.

Christian Louboutin originally began fighting for his colour in 2011 when they sued Yves Saint Laurent for using his red soles which he has trademarked legally in court. YSL claimed that it wasn’t valid for one designer to own an entire colour.

Louboutin also took Zara to court for “counterfeiting and unfair competition” for using red soles on their shoes. Initially he won, but Zara appealed the decision. The French court has sided with Zara now and allowed them to use red soles. Louboutin is also orders to pay Zara 2,500 euros to compensate.

The court still hasn’t decided whether it is right for Louboutin to own the trademark on a shoe colour, so for now he will have to keep taking his battle to court.

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