DESIGNER PICKS: Comrags Designers Spill On Their Spring/Summer 2012 Staples

Canadian design duo and founders of Comrags Joyce Gunhouse and Judy Cornish are the latest designers to give us their exclusive secrets to true north summer style. We talked to the Comrags designers and got their inside scoop on the must-have summer wardrobe staples from their spring collection, their favourite flowery hue right now, and the skin-deep key to a flawless summer look.

Real Style: What are your 5 wardrobe essentials for Spring/Summer 2012?

Comrags: New white t-shirts, our french stripe brooks top, a burst of colour with a red loire dress, our oversize men’s inspired GFD shirt worn with flipflops or combat boots, cotton voile prints for those really hot days.

Real Style: What are your favourite colours for this season’s fashion?

Comrags: Geranium! (*Real Style note- that’s the bright, punchy coral-red seen here!)

Real Style: What are your favourite summer accessories?

Comrags: Well-moisturized skin and a fresh pedicure.

Real Style: Which S/S runway trends should the real woman avoid?

Comrags: Too much flourescent. Stick to accents of bright colour.

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