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Copy Emma Stone’s Fresh White Spring Style

Nothing says Spring more than a crisp white outfit and apparently Emma Stone knows that. Emma kicked off promotion for The Amazing Spiderman in this pure white look. Her peter pan lace collared blouse and button up skirt was just flirty enough for the first press conference, and perfect for us to mimic for our Spring wardrobe.

Copy Emma’s look with impeccable white pieces. Get details like the lace on the collar and stand out big button on the dress perfect to keep you all white from feeling drab.

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Give white a Spring twist like Emma with a few key colourful pieces. A rich red lip is a great way to add some last minute colour when you are wearing neutrals. This is the perfect little pop espiecially with her blonde locks. Finally a pair of BP Abrey turquoise sandals are cute and unexpected in this fresh outfit. They are the winning final ingredient to this outfit.

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[Photo via Startraks]

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