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H&M Celebrates 10 Years Of Sustainable Fashion

With Earth Day approaching, you are sure to be hearing more about how fashion brands are trying to go more eco-friendly. H&M aren’t no strangers to eco-fashion and they are now celebrating ten years of reporting their sustainability. You may not realize that H&M is one of the leaders showing that you can get fashionable, eco-friendly products at an affordable price.

This year H&M has noted that they are the number one user of organic cotton in the world, have saved 300 million litres of water in denim production over two years and have donated 2.3 million garments to charity. They began using organic hemp in their eco-friendly Conscious Collection this year, which has been seen on many celebs at red carpet events.

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They are also working with factories in Bangladesh to assist in their social development, positively impact the country, the labour market and improve women’s rights. They have been training workers on their rights since 2008.

By 2020, H&M plans to use 100 percent organic cotton in their clothing. They say they want people to have fashion without feeling guilty. Watch H&M’s Head Of Design and Head Of Sustainability talk about their work here:

[youtube A9nDkoKpIys]

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