Interview: Sunny Fong Vawk & Vawkkin Fall 2012

by Melanie Kerr

Our favourite thing about Sunny Fong is his designs are made for real women. Whether you’re needing something glamorous or are working a 9-5, Vawk and Sunny’s newest collection, Vawkkin, has you covered. Women without modelling experience in all shapes and sizes showed that Vawkkin works for the average person, not just standard models. We spoke with Sunny on why he chose to break the runway boundaries by representing real women.

Real Style Network: How would you describe both Vawk and Vawkkin?

Sunny Fong: They are all very Vawk. One is a whole lot of fancy. Vawk is a whole lot of fancy and Vawkkin is a lot of reality with throwing a bit of fancy into that.

Real Style Network: What was the different inspirations behind each collection?

Sunny Fong: With Vawk I thought about doing something Japanese and futuristic and how to do that. There were a lot of references to the 60’s and their version to the future and a lot of Samurai movies, so I threw that all together for Vawk. With Vawkkin, it was less theme and more about the woman. It was for the women who were asking for this from us. How do I want to dress her? I thought about, what does she want to wear to a party, dinner, to buy groceries or to work?

Real Style Network: You tweeted a casting call for real women to model for Vawkkin, why did you choose to show real women?

Sunny Fong: Personally, I thought it was a good way to test the garments and have them be worn by real people rather than models who perfect their bodies for the industry. Then I thought, well how do we approach real women to try on our stuff? I love seeing real women try on my stuff, it makes me feel so good to see that. Even when I have my sample sale and it’s an open call, I understand a woman’s body so much better. It’s really special to me.

See photos from Vawk & Vawkkin in our breakdown of Day Three.

[Photo via George Pimentel]

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