Interview: Joeffer Caoc Explains His Fall 2012 Woman

by Melanie Kerr

Known for his modern and timeless designs, Joeffer Caoc didn’t disappoint with his Fall 2012 collection full of tweed, leather, fur and sequins, a few of his favourite fabrics. Following the show, Joeffer explained to us what kind of woman the eclectic collection is designed for.

Real Style Network: How would you describe this collection?

Joeffer Caoc: The inspiration I had was an eclectic housewife with a rocker past. While I was working on the collection I realized that I was mixing all of the elements of design that I love. It’s really just a mixture of the design and fabrications and silhouettes, sort of mixing everything up.

Real Style Network: Where did you get your inspiration?

Joeffer Caoc: I usually just come up with things in my head the season before. A lot of it comes from the clients that I do dress and what they wear the clothes for. I find that a lot of creative women do wear my clothing, so they can be very inspiring.

Real Style Network: What kind of woman do you see wearing this collection?

Joeffer Caoc: Definitely a creative woman, a confident woman. I think the kind of woman who isn’t really into being trendy all of the time. You should be able to mix the things that I’ve done in the past and I do take that into consideration when I design the collection.

Real Style Network: What do you think this collection says about you as a designer?

Joeffer Caoc: I’m hoping that it says that there is a certain level of maturity every season and how I really understand who it is I’m designing for.  Also I hope that it shows that the level of design is always raising the bar.

See photos from Joeffer collection in our Toronto Fashion Week coverage.

[Photo via George Pimentel]

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