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Get The Look: Heidi Klum’s Stylish Jogging Attire

Sure jogging like Heidi Klum may help in the fitness department but we’re more interested in her workout gear. Regardless of your chosen exercise method, Heidi sports the perfect balance of comfort, practicality and style, we suggest following these five cues when dressing for your own fitness adventure:

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1. Layer Up: Layers are crucial and ensure that you are as comfortable after you’ve worked up a sweat as you were at the beginning of your set.

2. Stretch: Yes of course, you have to stretch your limbs before any workout but we’re talking about the Lycra variety. Comfort is crucial and your clothes should be able to move with you to ensure maximum movement.

3. Style: Forget your oversized sweats, not only do they add non-existent pounds, they’re dreary to wear and dreary to look at. For a true fashion maven style does not end at the gym doors.

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4. Accessorize: Be sure to think about the extras. If you’ll be outdoors that includes a hat, sunglasses, gloves – anything that helps protect from the elements. In every case, staying hydrated is a must so invest in a good reusable water bottle.

5. Proper Gear: Heidi’s runners are not only cute, they were made for pounding the pavement. Proper gear is essential to help protect yourself from injury.

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