Interview: India Hicks On Her Style & Jewelry

On the surface, India Hicks’ pedigree reads like a laundry list of impressive lineage: daughter of famed decorator David Hicks and Pamela Hicks (daughter to the Earl and Countess Mountbatten of Burma); Goddaughter to the Prince of Wales; Bridesmaid to Princess Diana; Granddaughter to the last Viceroy of India… But upon investigation of India Hicks’ own resume one quickly realizes that these labels do not give proper account to a deserved and hardworking style maven in her own right. Author (Island Life and Island Beauty), Creative Partner with Crabtree and Evelyn, television host, hotelier, retailer, marathoner, mother of four… Real Style Network had the opportunity to chat with the ultimate multi-tasker about her latest venture: fine jewellery designer and her thoughts on style.

India on Fine Jewellery for Everyday…

There is absolutely a place for fine jewellery in everyday life. In fact, one of the things I really endeavored to do is make this an accessible fine jewellery collection. I realize that doing sterling silver with diamonds is actually rather unusual because it’s not necessarily considered fine jewellery; most people want 18k gold or white gold. And I chose sterling silver because I wanted it to be more accessible to people.

I also designed it in a way that you can wear it all the time. This [points to dog tag necklace] really I would wear to the opera or a red carpet event but I’m also sitting here Holt’s in the middle of the day and it doesn’t look ridiculous. So yes it’s a very wearable collection.

On her Involvement in the Collection…

My fingerprints are all over it. I sketched them out myself, I went to art school I can draw. These really do come from me. I really am involved in every aspect down to the clasp, down to the length of the chain, down to the brushed silver.

On a Jewellery Wardrobe or a Few Select Pieces…

A few select pieces. I’m very low key in how I dress. I think for me, I’m quite careful in how I invest, as well as how I dress, especially at the moment the world is in a really strange and unstable place. And it affects us all. I’m aware that I want to bring a beautiful collection of jewellery out but also one that people feel is going to be timeless so if they do invest in a piece it is going to be as relevant in 20 years as it is now.

On Breaking the ‘Rules’…

A lot of my collection is about being individual and being quite strong and being confident in how you wear it. It doesn’t matter to me how anyone else is wearing it or what anyone else is doing, if I want to mix metals or my costume with my real, I will. If it feels right then do it. There’s no preconceived idea of how anyone should look anymore; same way we look at design. My father was brilliant and very innovative, among the first to shake up the world of design by putting an antique piece with a modern piece. Now we’re seeing it on the high street as well, one would wear a Balenciaga handbag with a Zara pair of jeans. So I’m not necessarily interested in how everybody else is doing it but it is being done that it is mixed up.

On Her Father’s Archives And Monogrammed Initials…

When I first started with the fine jewellery collection, I started with Island Life because it was mine. I wasn’t the daughter of… or the granddaughter of… the bridesmaid of… It was mine. But then it seemed as though I was ignoring something that had a natural home, especially in the world of jewellery. My father’s designs really translate so well into jewellery that it was sort of obstinate of me not to have embraced it, so it was a very natural move and easy because my father had done all the work for me. The designs were there. What was exciting was finding the geometric alphabet in the archives because, even though the ‘H’ line itself has been so emulated with his own logo, I grew up with these extraordinary luggage tags and umbrellas and trivets that were all monogrammed with our own initials and I had sort of forgotten about them for some years so it was exciting to re-find the writing paper and to bring it out.

Read more from India Hicks and her jewellry collection in this season’s issue of Real Style Magazine and buy her pieces on her website or at Holt Renfrew.

[Photographer: Brittan Goetz]

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