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Get The Look: Amber Heard’s Waist Minimizing Retro Style

If you want to emphasize you tiny waist this holiday season, take a cue from petite actress Amber Heard when choosing your holiday attire. On the red carpet for Sherlock Holmes, Amber used retro styled separates to ensure that she looked sleek, chic and skinny.

Amber’s high waist, belted trousers are key to helping to emphasize your skinny waist. By belting a pair of high waisted trousers, you will minimize the look of your waist and give the illusion of fuller hips for a curvaceous silhouette. These pants will also help to make your legs appear longer, so they can be the saving grace for a petite frame to give the illusion of more height. The wide leg of Amber’s pants also help to emphasize her small waist as the wider leg helps her look skinnier. By sure to pair your high waist, wide leg trousers with a pair of platform pumps to add a bit of height to your look.

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