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Copy Pippa Middleton Outerwear Style To Look Thinner

During the winter it’s far too easy to pile on the layers and go without much thought other than to shield oneself from the frigid temperatures. The result? More often than not, the dreaded Michelin Man effect that leaves us shapeless with the appearance of at least a few extra pounds. But warmth and an unflattering silhouette do not have to be synonymous. Today we take a look at Pippa Middleton’s outerwear style for tips to brave the cold while avoiding looking as though we’ve gained five pounds:

1. Monochromatic Palette: We love a bright palette as much as the next fashionista, but the flattering effect of black can’t be denied. Clean unbroken colour is a sure bet for a long (read  leaner) line.

2. Structure: Look for cozy fabrics like wool and cashmere, or a blend with a generous percentage, for warmth without bulk.

3. Belt it: Belting a coat helps to create a waist which will reduce the appearance of extra pounds that shapeless outerwear may create.

4. Length: Keep hemlines in and around the knee for an elongating length. Any longer and you may drown in fabric for a shortening effect (taller ladies can get away with longer length).

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