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Gossip Girl Fashion: Copy Serena’s Gold DVF Dress

Last night, the 70’s came back in full force through Gossip Girl’s Studio 54 inspired fashion. Serena van der Woodsen and her family celebrate the fabulous era with all of the sequins and gold you could ever dream about. Serena herself got all dolled up in this gold wrap dress from Diane von Furstenberg paired with a gold statement necklace and gold bangles. If this episode had you in the mood for a gold outfit of your own, copy Serena with a similar, but more affordable gold dress. We found a Coin necklace and bangles that offer the same fabulous shine as Serena’s designer pieces.

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Finally finish off your look with those dramatic statement curls and healthy coating of lip gloss to help you dance the night away.

Shop the Look
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[Photo via The CW]

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