LG Toronto Fashion Week: David Dixon Spring 2012

The final night of shows at LG Fashion Week marked a satisfying end to a week’s worth of easy, fresh collections with David Dixon’s anticipated Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The renowned Canadian designer put evening-wear back at the top of our most-wanted lists for next Spring with a desirable concoction of gowns and formal pieces.

The colour palette seemed to take notes from the early sunshine of a spring morning contrasted with the deep, mysterious black of midnight. The combination of inky jet black against lemon meringue yellows and white made a refreshing and glamourous impact.

Shapes were more classic, with silhouettes staying on the side of tried-and-true, with hints of a more risky Dixon showing up in plays on volume from time to time. Flattering tailoring and emphasis on the natural waistline made the pencil skirts and cocktail gowns impressively wearable.

A blend of modern and classic, gowns took from nature with black and white butterfly prints, frothy silks and flower embellishments. The contrast of bold colour with black- and frothy fabrics with stiffer ones- excited the crowd at the second last show of an already exciting week of collections.

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[Photos via FDCC]

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