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Retro Pan Am Handbags Gaining Popularity

The Pan Am flight bags carried by the stars of the show are becoming a hot commodity. Pan Am premiered this week to mixed reviews, but that’s not stopping the retro fashion and handbags of the show from being the talk of the town.

Back in the 60’s the Pan Am bags were seen as a status symbol. They represented the glamourous stewardess lifestyle. Now with the return of the popularity of the 60’s style thanks to Mad Men and The Help, and of course the Pan Am show, these bags are becoming hot again.

News reports say Pan Am and Sony are readying themselves for a boost in popularity of the bags thanks to the show. To promote the premiere, ABC gave away replicas of the original bags. This promotion, along with images of Christina Ricci’s character carrying the bag, is creating demand. While cheaper knock offs of the Pan Am logo bags are already sold out,  we suggest if you are interested in one to purchase the original Pan Am bags on the airline’s website ranging from $69 to $189.

When we spoke with Mad Men’s costume designer Janie Bryant, she suggested using accessories that you can wear over and over to make your look truly authentic. These retro styled handbags could be retro piece you have been missing. Now how about those white gloves?

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