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Levi’s Curve ID Jeans Made For All Bodies

Levi’s new Curve ID jeans are trying to make the chore of finding the perfect pair of jeans simpler as they are complementing even more body types. Their new fit system focuses on the shape of a woman’s body, not her size.

Shopping for Levi’s Curve ID jeans is a whole new experience. First you have to find your curves. Your options are straight, some curve, curvy or very curvy depending on your waist and hip size. Next you judge the seat needed. Your options are flat, average, full or round depending on the shape of your bottom.

Finally Levi’s has taken into consideration common denim issues. You can tell them whether you find the waist too tight, gaps in the back or not enough coverage in the back. Once you fill in all of the options Levi’s find you the perfect fit jeans for you.

This could revolutionize the way you buy and wear jeans if the system works.

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