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Gossip Girl Fashion: Copy Blair Waldorf’s Leaf Print Dress From Episode 1

Gossip Girl and the keen fashion sense of these New York socialites is returning to television tonight. With the premiere episode, “Yes, Then Zero,” comes this stunning look from Blair Waldorf in the Oscar de la Renta Spring/Summer 2011 gown adorned with the green leaf print. The newly engaged Blair is probably on her way to a ball of some sort, but this look can translate to your real life in something more appropriate for a cocktail party. We found our own leaf embellished cocktail dress for under $400, that is the perfect replacement for Blair’s gown. Add a orange clutch for her wise colour combination. The finishing touches will be adding your own gold ring (if your prince hasn’t given you an engagement ring yet) and using a curl cream to help mimic Blair’s long locks. Get your Gossip Girl style now and follow us in our recaps all season long.

Shop the Look
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[Photo via The CW]

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