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Get Christina Ricci’s Retro Fashion From Pan Am

As Christina Ricci and co-stars take off in the highly anticipated television series Pan Am this weekend our love affair with retro style continues. Mad Men and subsequently The Help brought retro glamour to the small screen and we are right on board to see it continue with the golden age of air travel in Pan Am. We look forward to Christina Ricci’s return to television as flight attendant Maggie, and while we’re sure the script is fab, it’s the costume wardrobe that we can’t wait for. In this sneak peak, Christina is on-set in a black and white striped shell and knee length Barbie doll pink skirt. Ladylike pointed toe pumps, black drop earrings and driving gloves are a further nod to an era when ladies dressed up to leave the house and while it’s a flash from the past each of these pieces can be easily worked into a modern wardrobe.

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[Photo via Keystone Press]

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