Designer Picks: Betsy Johnson’s Five 2011 Fall Fashion Must Haves

The unique and always interesting Betsey Johnson gives RSN visitors an exclusive insider’s peak at her must-haves for fall in this edition of Designer Picks.

Never one to follow the crowd, Betsey’s own Fall collection was a Valentine’s Day themed event with dramatic dark looks including velvet dresses, Victorian style jackets, fur capes and lots of plaid and animal print. We can’t wait to see what she will bring us for Spring as she shows her new collection at New York Fashion Week tonight at 6 pm. Our bet is on funky prints and frills for the bold and outgoing girly girl.

Despite her runway theatrics, Betsey is a traditional girl who mixes old favourites with fabulous new items. Here is Betsey’s personal wardrobe list for fall:

  1. Black lurex knit motorcycle cap
  2. A new pair of black sneakers (since I trashed last year’s)
  3. 10 year old orange satin long puff parka
  4. New York good-luck belt
  5. Alexander McQueen jacket that I just got in London  (my favorite jacket on earth)

Do you share any of Betsey’s picks?

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[Fashion Show Photos via Purchase our picks based on Betsey’s faves from Mytheresa, Yoox and Singer 22]

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