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FASHION NEWS: Marc Jacobs In Talks With Dior

In what could be one of the biggest fashion moves in a long time, WWD reports that Marc Jacobs is in talks to take over the reigns as designer at Dior.

The famed fashion house of Christian Dior has been without a designer since John Galliano was fired back in March for anti-semetic remarks. Now it seems Marc Jacobs may be making a huge jump from his place as designer at Louis Vuitton to Dior. Both Dior and Louis Vuitton are owned by the LVMH powerhouse company, so Jacobs moving would be a reshuffling of their skill pool. They would then need to replace him at Louis Vuitton. Rumours say Pheobe Philo of Celine would be the one to step in there.

While there have been no immediate comments about the possible deal, news says Jacobs’ people have meetings at Dior this week.

Bringing Marc Jacobs on at Dior could be a huge boost for the house. While they tried to show in Paris without Galliano at the helm, the line needs a designer with Jacobs’ flair for the dramatic to take the reigns. Dior will be showing a Spring 2012 collection in Paris soon, so Jacobs’ first line would be for Fall.

Some still believe that Dior may not go with Jacobs and will hire an unknown designer to step into Galliano’s shoes.

As for Galliano himself, the court will rule on his case on September 8th to decide his fate.

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