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FASHION NEWS: Kanye’s New Fashion Line and Karl Lagerfeld Blasts Would-Be Biographers

Kanye_WestHmm, we could have seen this coming: The Telegraph has reported that egomaniacal Kanye West is in the midst of developing his own clothing line. The rapper was spotted at countless fall/winter 2011 runway shows and now, according to the Telegraph, West has taken up residence in Paris and is working on a high-end line for both men and women. The paper speculates that we’ll get our first looks at the line in September.

If you’re going to try and write a book about Karl Lagerfeld you better be prepared to do your research. At the Gordon Parks Foundation dinner, which took place earlier this week, Elle asked the fashion icon who he’d pick to write his biography. His response was: “I don’t have too much consideration for the poor people who try to write that book … But it’s interesting that people in fact are lazy. If they worked hard they would find interesting things. Nobody finds it! So I’m in a position to say ‘Fuck you, you’re all lazy pigs.’ And I certainly won’t help them!”

[Photo via Tyler Curtis]

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