FASHION PROFILE: Toronto Fashion Incubator

Toronto Fashion IncubatorParis, New York and Milan may be first to come to mind when listing fashion capitols, but in the late 80’s fashion was Toronto’s second largest industry. As such, the Toronto Fashion Incubator was created by the city to foster the growth and potential of the industry.

Fast forward over 20 years and the TFI (as it’s known to those in the business) continues to be a leading force in the discovery and development of new Canadian designers – so much so that other cities around the world have modeled similar outlets after the TFI template.

Some of Canada’s leading fashion glitterati are counted among the TFI’s alumni including Joeffer Caoc, David Dixon, Todd Lynn, Ashley Rowe and Arthur Mendonca. They have also worked on splashy projects like the Vancouver Olympics uniforms and the Barbie collection.

For 19 years, the annual TFI New Labels Competition has awarded thousands of dollars to emerging Canadian designers to help launch their fashion careers and this year’s event will be held on April 14th at The Design Exchange. We can’t wait to see whose collection we’ll soon be coveting.

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