DESIGNER PICKS Q&A: Marie Saint Pierre Shares Her Spring Fashion Advice

Montreal designer Marie Saint Pierre returns to Real Style’s Designer Picks Q&A for an insider’s take on what to wear this season. Her unexpected avant-garde twist on wardrobe classics has made Marie Saint Pierre a go-to designer among fashion devotees who refuse to slavishly follow trends. From off-white overcoats to knee length dresses, the designer shares her essentials for Spring:

Marie Saint Pierre Designer Picks Spring

Real Style Network: Five must-haves to buy for spring that will instantly update your look for the new season?
Marie Saint Pierre: An off white overcoat, a nude top, a jersey pant with cuff, a gold choker, and a red knee length dress.

Real Style Network: How can women incorporate these pieces into their existing wardrobe?
Marie Saint Pierre: They are all new basics and can match any existing wardrobe pieces or accessory

Real Style Network: Which spring trends are a Don’t?
Marie Saint Pierre: The fashion mood is quite balanced this spring and there is a return to elegance, just avoid too much going on, privilege a cleaner look.

Real Style Network: What are the hottest accessories for spring?
Marie Saint Pierre: Gold in everything. Pure lines no more gadgets.

Real Style Network: What is the hottest jewelry for spring?
Marie Saint Pierre: Chokers are big. They frame the face.

Real Style Network: What are some trends or pieces to buy that will last for a long time?
Marie Saint Pierre: Gold again… elegance, pure lines, splashes of bright and bold colors.

Real Style Network: What is your ultimate style tip?
Marie Saint Pierre: Less is more, better clothes, good quality fabrics.

Shop for Marie Saint Pierreā€™s fashion at her Montreal shops or speciality fashion boutiques around the world.

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