DESIGNER PICKS: Cynthia Rowley’s Top Spring 2011 Fashion Tips

Real Style is excited to bring you the fun and carefree style of Cynthia Rowley in our Designer Picks series. Since the 1980’s Cynthia Rowley has been bringing her vibrant fashion to the masses through her own eponymous line and her many collaborations. With her name on everything from clothes to beauty, accessories, housewear and even designer band-aids, Cynthia knows style from top to bottom. Here is what she loves for Spring 2011:

cynthia rowley spring fashion advice designer picks

Real Style Network: What are your five must-haves to buy for spring that will instantly update your look for the new season?
Cynthia Rowley:Off-kilter color combinations are the key element this spring, so my first two must-haves are brightly colored trousers and a bright side-slung disco bag.
New sunglasses can always transform your silhouette, so refresh your eyewear for a new look.
Wearing sheer socks with dresses provides you with an edgier ensemble and is a great spring transition from the bootie that was popular this past fall.
– Finally, I believe the collared shirt is a must-have for every season, so this Spring, buy them in as many shades as you can afford.

Real Style Network: How can women incorporate these pieces into their existing wardrobe?
Cynthia Rowley: As most of my suggestions are separates or really standout items, I think they’re easy to throw on and transform a spring dress, skirt or top from a season past into something that looks au currant.

Real Style Network: Which spring trends are a “don’t”?
Cynthia Rowley: Sometimes the biggest “don’ts” provide the best inspirations.

Real Style Network: What are the hottest accessories, shoes and bags for spring and why?
Cynthia Rowley: If the minimalist trend reflected our love for the 1960s, we’re looking to the 1970’s now. The rubber platform (practical sandal with a mid-to-low chunky heel) and saddle bag are going to be bigger than ever.

Real Style Network: What is the hottest jewelry for spring and why?
Cynthia Rowley: Clean and graphic jewelry, like sculptural necklaces. In warm weather, you don’t want to get too fussy, don’t junk up your silhouette.

Real Style Network: What are some trends or pieces to buy that will last for a long time?
Cynthia Rowley: I’d have to say… anything leather: a finely crafted leather accessory or garment is classic and can’t be beat.

Real Style Network: What will you be wearing this spring?
Cynthia Rowley: Practice what you preach: I’ll be wearing my pink or white and salmon collared shirt paired with my brightly colored hibiscus trousers, some new eyewear, a disco bag in a contrasting color, and some 1970’s-style platform sandals.

Real Style Network: What is your ultimate style tip?
Cynthia Rowley: Experiment. Fear eats the soul.

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