FASHION SHOWS: Michael Kors, Betsey Johnson, Vera Wang & Anna Sui

Today is the final day of New York Fashion Week, so here are a few of the top shows that occurred over the last few days:

Michael Kors
This show marks Kors’ 30 year anniversary in fashion, to celebrate he brought back hints of things he has done over the last three decades. As you can expect from the designer, this meant luxe casual looks. Even with the large cape coats, puffy jackets and long furs, the line was very sleek and lean. Wide leg trousers, body suits, long sweaters, and slim dresses and jumpsuits made the models look even taller and thinner. Evening wear came in sequined 70’s style dresses and pants and sheer fabrics. The colours were dominated by grey, white, camel and black. Looks were accessorized with skinny belts and large cuff bracelets and necklaces.
[youtube kEoRRhahiDE]

Betsy Johnson
For fall, Johnson planned to take her line to “new heights” in the ‘He Loves Me Less’ collection. The designer played ode to punk and gothic style in this dark fall line. Animal prints were very popular on tights, coats and furs of all colours. Floral dresses, lace and bright red plaids walked the runway as well. The looks ranged from urban chic with cropped leather or denim jackets, to funky mixed prints and baby doll dresses, to dresses with nipped waists and full skirts. Betsy Johnson threw her arsenal of cute girly looks at the crowd. See it for yourself here:
[youtube YOoEaBX1-l4]

Vera Wang
Vera Wang mixed a pretty feminine approach with military style for her fall 2011 line. Chiffon dresses in grey and black were mixed with military style sweaters, fur-lined parkas and vests. Small pleats made a big impact on her show with many sheer dresses and skirts in varying lengths and style swaying with the small pleating. Eveningwear was much of the same with no jewelry being shown; just elbow length gloves and black booties accompanying looks. See the show here:
[youtube NbG8RNOECt4]

Anna Sui
Real Style contributor Anna Sui was inspired by The Ballets Russes and 60’s mod for her fall collection meaning a brightly coloured fantasy line in Anna Sui’s signature style. There were prints galore on the bright short and long dresses, cape coats, and patterned tights. Outwear ranged just as much with lush furs, parkas, and cropped jackets. There was a lot to take in with all of the colours and patterns, but it all came together in Anna Sui’s boho chic style. See the show here:
[youtube da2vbLuK9HU]

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