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Gossip Girl Style: Serena Van Der Woodsen Fashion Season 4 Episode 11

When you are Serena van der Woodsen being in rehab for something you didn’t do is no excuse for not looking fabulous. Here we see Serena looking calm and collected under pressure in this great casual look. Her sweater and pants have been played up with statement jewelry to show her style in any situation. We love this look because it is accessible for anyone and is perfect for those holiday family get-togethers. Here is how to get Serena van der Woodsen’s Gossip Girl style:


gossip girl style serena van der woodsen fashion 3 

Serena van der Woodsen Gossip Girl Style Shopping Guide:
1. Yoox, Almeria Long Sleeve Sweater, $69.00 – A thin, crewneck brown long sleeve sweater is a good start for those cold winter days.
2. Forever 21, Chunky Double Bead Necklace, $7.80 – The oversized beaded necklace takes this casual look from average to wow!
3. Arden B, Faux Suede Ankle Legging, $28.00 – Suede (or faux suede) leggings are a comfortable option for a casual day in.
4. Heels, Report Pineola Boot, $179.99 – A tall brown boot is a stylish footwear alternative to fix the winter blues.
5. Max & Chloe, Beyond Rings Black Luna Ring, $60.00 – Add a large dramatic black cocktail ring for a final pop of style.

[photo via The CW]

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