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Angelina Jolie Designs Jewelry Line

Angelina JolieYou would think being one of the world’s busiest mom’s Angelina Jolie would take her spare time to relax, but no, the actress and activist is now designing her own jewelry line.

Angelina Jolie is collaborating with Robert Procop of Robert Procop Exceptional Jewels to create a line of jewelry with statement stones. According to WWD, Procop has been creating Angelina’s jewelry for nearly a decade, including a diamond choker and sapphire earrings worn in ‘The Tourist’ which premieres this weekend.

While no images of the line have been released, designs include a green pendant and chain and a statement emerald ring (which is modeled after a ring that Brad Pitt himself owns).

As you can expect from Ms. Jolie, all of the proceeds raised will go to her Education Partnership for Children of Conflict charity. Unfortunately, if you have your heart set on picking up a piece you are most likely out of luck. The jewelry is going to be sold privately by Procop, probably to their VIP clients only.

This isn’t Angelina’s first try at designing jewelry for charity. Around this time last year Angelina and Brad Pitt designed a line of jewelry and accessories with Asprey. This seems to be a holiday tradition for the celeb couple.

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