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Celebrity Stylist Phillip Bloch Talks To Real Style About The Shopping Diet

Phillip BlochWouldn’t it be so much easier to dress if we could have the advice of a celebrity stylist at our beck and call the same way they do in Hollywood? And dress like a star on a budget to boot? Real Style sat down with celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch, who has just written a book called “The Shopping Diet,” to get his style tips and shopping advice.

Phillip Bloch has been in the fashion industry for years doing it all. He has dressed stars like Halle Berry, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. He’s worked with Vogue and Vanity Fair just to name a few of his accomplishments. After all of this time working with fashion, Bloch felt it was time to bring his styling experience to everyone in his new book “The Shopping Diet.” The twist, of course, is that Bloch wrote the book for Real People and it’s all about smart fashion and shopping on a budget.

Really [it’s] just teaching people to shop smart,” Bloch said, “It’s not saying don’t shop, it’s saying shop smarter. It’s done as a ten step program, but you don’t have to follow it as a ten step program.”

Real Style asked Bloch about his inspiration for writing “The Shopping Diet.”

For me, I had always been dressing the celebrities in millions of dollars of jewelry and gowns and this and that, so I felt like doing something the opposite way,” Bloch said, “I felt like I had learned so much over the years being on different sides of the camera with different people, so I felt like I had enough information to put into a book… I don’t think I’m inventing the wheel, just reinventing it and showing people how to think a little outside of the box and you don’t have to buy the box.”

Just what Real Style Network is all about! Here are our favourite shopping tips from Phillip Bloch:

“I always say it’s better to have fifteen great pieces, than fifty pieces you don’t use all of the time.”

– “Little doses of trends. Small little doses. A little bit goes a long way. Less is more. You don’t need to scream when you can whisper.”

– “ Buy something that’s going to last forever and is a little bit more of a statement, but not screaming. Spend more money on transformational pieces that you can wear more than several ways in your lifestyle.”

-“Tailoring is a good thing. Spend money on tailoring.  A $10 dress can look like a thousand dollar dress, and a thousand dollar dress can look like $10 if it’s not fitting right.

[youtube mmPBFBheI5E]

Pick up The Shopping Diet online or your favorite bookstore for under $20. It’s a great read.

Stay tuned for amazing fashion advice from Phillip Bloch with Real Style Network, as we will be bringing a series of fashion tips and trends for winter, holidays and right into spring.

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