FASHION SHOWS: New York Fashion Week Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs & Vera Wang

New York Fashion Week is still in high gear bringing us looks for next season from some of the hottest designers of our time. Take a look at fashion shows from Donna Karan, Marc Jacobs and Vera Wang below:

Donna Karan spring 2011 fashionDonna Karan

We showed you her NYC chic DKNY collection here. For her eponymous spring 2011 fashion show Donna Karan took her inspiration from nature. The collection, entitled Raw Romance, used the inspirations of sand and rocks to deliver garments in soft tan and beige shades. The looks were long and sleek with light silk dresses, crinkle metallic twill jackets over soft fabric and draped dresses. Get a special look at the Donna Karan Spring 2010 collection here courtesy of Vidicom:

[youtube wEdlXMovRT8]

marc jacobs spring 2011 fashionMarc Jacobs

For his spring 2011 collection, Marc Jacobs took us back to the fashion and glamour of the 70’s. Bright colours of pink, orange and coral hit the round runway at Marc Jacobs’ show. A multitude of prints and super shiny fabrics made the garments even more eye popping. Belted jackets, long airy silk dresses and high-waisted wide leg pants were included in the collection. The shorts were very short and the skirts and dresses were longer, but had slits going right up to the waist. Accessories of big floppy hats, oversized sunglasses and large flower adornments gave the collection its glam and flare. See the Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 fashion show here:

[youtube gSAB5V4Ss6o]

vera wang fashion spring 2011Vera Wang

While many other designers delivered light, feminine and colourful fashion shows, Vera Wang took her own path for spring 2011. The Vera Wang collection used a lot of the same light fabrics, but in a darker colour palette. There were a few pastel cocktail dresses for a girly touch, but the majority of the line was dark and edgy. Kimono style tops, jackets and floral prints on silk dresses showed the Asian inspiration of the line. While there were many draped dresses and pencil skirts, there was also a hint of androgyny with boy shorts and vests. See the Vera Wang spring 2011 fashion show here:

[youtube IkmkUMaWr2M]

[photos via Thanh Huysing and Abigail Ross49]

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