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FASHION TRENDS: Inspired By Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love opens this weekend in movie theatres. It’s expected to be a mega blockbuster. The movie, Eat Pray Love, is based on the book by the same name chronicling a year in the life of writer Elizabeth Gilbert. The book follows the true story of Elizabeth Gilbert’s year of travelling to Italy, India and Bali to find herself. Eat Pray Love became a worldwide success with Oprah dedicating two whole shows to the story. Eat Pray Love is also a big star vehicle for the actress once known as America’s sweetheart, Julia Roberts. Julia Roberts has been away from the spotlight on the silver screen for some time and Eat Pray Love may be her big comeback. Here is Real Style Network’s take on some of the eastern style clothing Julia Roberts wears in Eat Pray Love:

eat pray love julia roberts fashion

Eat Pray Love Fashion Shopping Guide:
1. Singer 22, Vinve Featherweight Denim Shirt, $78.00 – Get Julia Roberts’ casual fashion with this denim button-down shirt that you can take anywhere.
2. Bluefly, Joie Silk-Cotton Long Dress, $203.99 – While walking the streets with Javier Bardem, Julia Roberts where a similar nude boho dress that is comfortable and stylish for your weekend wear.
3. Revolve Clothing, Elle Moss Swim Mosaic Tunic, $111.00 – Get the Eat Pray Love eastern inspired fashions with a tunic or caftan style dress or shirt with embroidery and tribal patterns.
4. Rising Tide, Libson Hobo Bag, $140.00 – This is the exact hobo bag Julia Roberts carries on her journey in Eat Pray Love. It comes in numerous patterns and colours and is great for a new fall handbag.
5. Sir Alistair Rai, Reincarnated Tie-Dye Wrap, $145.00 – Fashion designer Sir Alistair Rai designed many of the fashions you will see in Eat Pray Love. This oversized scarf is the perfect addition to your fall fashion as it can go with you everywhere.
6. Dogeared Jewels, Eat Pray Love Macrame Bracelet, $58.00 each – Dogeared Jewelry has a new fall jewelry line based on Eat Pray Love. These ‘I Deserve Something Beautiful’ macramé bracelets remind us of the look we’ve seen on Julia Roberts.
7. Athleta, Fedora Straw Hat, $24.99 – Julia Roberts travels the world with her straw hat. Get your own with this cute feminine hat.

For more fashion inspiration from Eat Pray Love, watch the preview here:

[youtube 1aafqJBLni4]

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