DESIGNER PICKS: ANNA SUI Picks Fall 2010 Best Trends

anna-sui-headshotFor our exclusive Designer Picks series, Real Style Network is thrilled to begin our look at fall fashion with celebrated fashion designer Anna Sui. Anna Sui has become an American fashion staple. Her flirty and girly boho style went from being a New City secret to a worldwide lifestyle brand available around the world. Here are Anna Sui’s fall fashion designer picks:

Real Style Network – In your opinion what are some of the major fashion trends for this and next season and why?

Anna Sui – Boho: When I use the word “bohemian,” I refer to both the style of a particular historic movement and the philosophical freedom of expression in all periods. In my own work, I always seem to come back to a bohemian vibe…it’s more than just a trend; it’s a lifestyle…a point of view.

Velvet: Another big trend this fall is velvet. In my show I did a border-print velvet burnout dress that was inspired by American arts-and-crafts stained-glass windows.

Military: I did olive drab washed-silk fatigue jackets trimmed with dyed-to-match lace ruffles and panels of olive green matte sequins.

Printed Stockings: I think patterned hose will be a big trend. In my show I used stockings that are printed with the same patterns as the dresses.

Velvet                                Military                                   Printed Stockings

Real Style Network – What are the 3 essential wardrobe pieces every woman should have and why?

Anna Sui – A great coat – In New York, sometimes I feel that people only see you in your winter coat (at art openings, at screenings, shopping, hailing a cab)…so it’s good to have a really special one! I’m in love with a particular checkerboard long hair faux fur coat in my fall collection.

A sparkly dress – At least once a year every girl has a special occasion where a sequined dress is the perfect look. In my collection, I did a matching tunic and skirt with antique silver and black paillettes mounted on tulle in a deco pattern…it has an old Hollywood feeling, very glamorous.

The decorated flat heel boot – I wear boots all year round, but they are especially important in the colder months. I did a lot of faux snakeskin boots this season in combos of brown and pink, and black and olive.

AS_F2010-45AS_F2010-46AS_F2010-27 (2)
Great Coat                                   Sparkly Dress          Decorated Flat Heel Boot

AS_F2010-02Real Style Network – What are some of your favorite accessories?

Anna Sui – Accessory designer Erickson Beamon and I reached back to our Michigan roots to create jewelery that incorporated actual tiles from Detroit’s Pewabic Pottery (founded in 1903) into the handcrafted necklaces and brooches.

Real Style Network – Do you have any other fashion and style tips you may want to tell our readers?

Anna Sui – It’s all about not taking yourself too seriously, having some fun, making an effort, opting for a little glamour.

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