FASHION TRENDS:DSquared Fall/Winter 2010 Footwear- Bone Heels,Work Boots, Snake Skin

DSquared delivers their true to label whimsical and playful look with their fall 2010 Footwear Collection. Some shoes for show and pure fashion theatre ( bone shoes), some super luxe snake skin numbers and some just plain gorgeous footwear. The fashion trends here are the whimsical shoes and heels, the high heeled work boot and the continuing love affair with the snake or python.

DSquared are always bold with their fashion choices bring quirky, unique pieces to the runways each season. This season’s footwear is no different.


The most standout pieces in the footwear are the daring bone heeled boots and shoes. Alicia Keys wore them at the FIFA worldcup kick off, but we think this maybe a we bit hard too wear in real life. Mind you they will make for an outstanding conversation piece though!


There is a whimsical side to the DSquared2 footwear line in the workboot inspired high heeled shoes for women. These heeled boots, ankle boots and pumps have the same style as the shoes you would see on a construction site. We have to admit the thick heavy tread on the high heeled winter boots is actually kind of a good idea for an icey Canadian winter. This high heeled workboot is a big trend and has shown up in other collections.


There are actual day to day shoes that you can see people wearing. DSquared have included lots of sequins in silver and black in their fall/winter footwear which will be popular come holiday season. Knee high and higher boots in luxurious look leather are available. Other noticeable trends in the footwear collection for these Canadian fashion designers include snakeskin and oxford inspired pumps .

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