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FASHION NEWS: Photographer Suing Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan is  making fashion news headlines again today since she is heading back to court. This time Lindsay is being sued by the photographer who took the photos for her 6126 Leggings campaign.

Photographer Scott Nathan filed a lawsuit today against Lindsay Lohan claiming that he was promised 1% interest in the clothing line for his photography work. Celebrity gossip blog TMZ reports that Nathan alleges he hasn’t received any of his owed interest yet. The amount he is suing her for is unknown at this time.

He is also suing Universal Music Group for using one of those 6126 images that he took to promote Lindsay Lohan’s single “Bossy.”

Between her celebrity gossip stories and her fashion mishaps, Lindsay Lohan always seems to be in the news. Is it time we just gave Lindsay Lohan a break, for her and ourselves?

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