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FASHION NEWS: Puma Replaces Shoe Boxes With Reusable Bags

puma-shoe-bagThis week many fashion designers and brands promoted going green for Earth Day. Puma put a new idea in place that could change the way you get shoes in the future. Puma has replaced the big, clunky shoe box with a reusable bag.

The new Puma Clever Little Bag has a cardboard insert to hold your shoes in place when you buy them. When you get the shoes home, take out the cardboard and you have a reusable bag. They are reducing their paper usage by 65%.

This is a fantastic idea. Shoe boxes are large clunky items that are horrible to carry around. Many people just leave the boxes in the shoe store anyways. Puma won’t only save the garbage for their own store, but the reusable bag will save more garbage in the future.

Watch this video to see the new Puma reusable shoe bag in action:

[youtube vwRulz8hPKI]

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