toronto international film festival

Behind The Scenes Toronto International Film Festival 2010- TIFF Wrap Up

Toronto International Film Fest, TIFF wrap up. Clive Owen, Kathleen Robertson, Minnie DRiver, Anthony Hopkins,Jay Baruchel, Kevin Spacey, Scott Speedman, Emily Hampshire


‘The Town’ Rocks This Town In Toronto With Ben Affleck,Blake Lively, Jon Hamm

Red carpet pics from the premiere of “The Town” at the Toronto International Film Festival with Ben Affleck, Blake Lively and Jon Hamm


Must See TIFF Movies

Every year around this time the Toronto International Film Festival launches, and with every year that passes the relevancy of the films shown increases. Oscar winners have premiered at the festival in the past (American Beauty, Crash) as well as cult classics (The Princess Bride) and great Canadian cinema (Away From Her, Roadkill). This year the lineup is just as comparable, and here some of the must see movies.