the mummy

Universal’s Dark Monster Universe Is Dead In The Water

Unfortunately for Universal The Mummy crashed and burned this summer (making only $409 million worldwide on a budget rumoured to be higher than $125 million) after its release, and now it appears as if the plans to move forward with a dark universe may be scrapped.


Will Tom Cruise’s Latest Film The Mummy Flop?

Every year studios try to win audiences over with new special effects laden films based on old ideas starring big names. One such film this year is The Mummy, a reboot of a long time successful franchise by Universal, which is supposed to be a lead in to a whole Dark Movie Universe franchise. And of course it has a big name star, this time around it’s Tom Cruise. It’s got the name, it’s got the actor, and it’s got the big budget, but will it be enough to win people over? Probably not, because Hollywood needs to face a few facts.