the expednables 3

Ronda Rousey Joins Cast Of Firefighter Drama 9-1-1

It can truly be said that mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey has done a lot over the course of her career. From winning a medal at the Olympics, to spending time in the octagon of the UFC, lacing up wrestling boots in the WWE, to starring in movies and having guest spots on TV, Rousey has really done a lot of different things, and now she is set to be a series regular on the hit Fox firefighter drama 9-1-1. 


A Girls Guide To The Expendables 3

This weekend your guy might just drag you out to see The Expendables 3 with him. Now before you start groaning we’ve come up with a few simple ways you can enjoy this movie for what it is, an action packed, explosion filled adventure movie.