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Top 5 Films Everyone Is Talking About At Sundance 2020

The 2020 Sundance Film Festival started yesterday and runs until February 2nd, and already some of the films are starting to get buzz. While it’s still too early to say which films will become big hits, or even be talked about come next year’s awards season, it isn’t too early to take a look at what everyone is talking about. 


Must-See Films At Sundance 2018

The Sundance film festival begins today, and even if you are a big fan of film, you may have a hard time picking out what you want to see. It’s all because the films shown at the festival are small budget, independent films that haven’t been promoted much yet. That might change afterwards though once […]


Sundance Film Festival Movies To Check Out

If you are lucky enough to be heading to Utah tomorrow for the Sundance Film Festival, Real Style’s team of movie lovers have scoured the list of indie films to check out. Sundance, which runs from January 16 to 26, is packed with cool indies and buzzed about movies with stars both big and small. Here are out Sundance Film Festival picks.