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Two New Characters Exiting Star Trek: Discovery At The End Of Season 2

Star Trek: Discovery has turned into quite the hit for CBS All Access, and for the second season several new additions were made to the cast. Among those added were Anson Mount and Rebecca Romijn, who played classic Trek characters¬†Captain Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise and the member of his crew Number One. While it wasn’t known going in what the plans were for the characters for later seasons, it’s now been let out that neither will be moving beyond season two.¬†


Star Trek: Discovery Looks Gorgeous On Bluray

By the time Star Trek: Discovery premiered on CBS All Access earlier this year it had been delayed so many times that fans started to wonder if the series was going to be any good. Then after the first couple of episodes came out, people started commenting that it was all right, but nothing special. Then as the first season came to a close, people had gotten into it, and had started asking when the next season would be arriving. Well, before the second season begins, Paramount has released the first season on bluray, and it’s a set collectors won’t want to miss.


Star Trek: Discovery Is A Huge Hit For CBS Digital Streaming Service

After a long, long wait, the new Star Trek series Discovery made its premiere last night on CBS, but don’t get too comfortable with it on regular cable TV. CBS announced before the show was even given a release date that the series would only be available on online through All Access, Netflix and CraveTV in Canada. And last night, after the premiere aired, CBS revealed that they had a record on their hands.